SmartThings U.S. Privacy Notice


Effective Date: January 22, 2024


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., along with our affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively, “Samsung”) respects your concerns about privacy. This SmartThings Privacy Notice applies to the personal information we obtain through SmartThings (the “Service”). It does not apply to information collected by other apps, websites or services provided by Samsung.


This Privacy Notice supplements the Samsung Privacy Policy for the U.S. (available at (“Samsung US Privacy Policy”) and provides additional information about how we may collect, use and share your personal information in connection with the Service. In the event any portion of this Privacy Notice conflicts with the Samsung US Privacy Policy, the relevant provisions of this Privacy Notice will govern.


Information We Obtain


Through the Service, we may obtain information about you in various ways. The types of personal information we may obtain include those listed in the Samsung US Privacy Policy as well as the following:


·         contact information, such as name, email and phone number;

·         Samsung Account information, such as nickname, Samsung Account ID, and any devices registered to your Samsung Account (such as any mobile devices);

·         username for participating third-party devices, apps, features or services;

·         residence information, such as information about your home (e.g., the approximate square footage and number of family members) and maps you create (e.g. address, images and layout);

·         information related to your location through GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi signals, including with your permission, the precise geolocation of your device and connected devices (please note that if you do not allow the Service to collect your precise geolocation, you may not be able to use all of the features of the Service);

·         for users who use voice commands to control the Service, information about your conversations, including voice commands, may be relayed through the Service server to process your command;

·         for users who use SmartThings Clothing Care, information about the type of clothing you are interested in and your recipe for clothing management (e.g., display memo, course and option information)

·         for users who connect Samsung Visual Display to the Service, information about users’ Samsung or third-party digital calendars;

·         for users who choose to share their images and video clips (not recorded by the Home Monitoring Camera) stored on your device with other Service users or devices, SmartThings will collect the images and video clips;

·         for users who connect Samsung Family Hub to the Service through SmartThings Cooking, with your permission, we may obtain information about your Family Hub interactions, including your touch interactions and other inputs (such as your dietary preferences), and the information you receive from Family Hub (such as responses, answers and content). If you submit information to Family Hub that is sensitive in nature (i.e., health information), that may also be collected and processed for the purposes set out below. We also may obtain other information related to your use of Family Hub, including the information (such as information related to the apps you use, the websites you visit and content and data from Whisk and other Samsung apps, websites and services) we receive from Samsung and Whisk apps and services that are accessed or used by Family Hub, including username and password for Whisk apps, features or services, to provide you with Family Hub (such as social media, email and instant messaging apps); and

·         for users who use SmartThings Pet , information about your pet’s profile (e.g., pet’s name, sex, picture, date of birth, breed, walking history, activities and weight) and any communication you had about your pet (e.g., behavior, symptoms and past medical history).


SmartThings Cooking

·         Any information you enter into SmartThings Cooking will override the existing information in your Family Hub. For example, if you input your dietary preferences through SmartThings Cooking, your Family Hub will be updated to include those dietary preferences. You can add, remove, or change your dietary preferences using either SmartThings Cooking or Family Hub.


AI Vision Inside

·         Data collected: the image that was recognized as food and taken when you open and close the refrigerator door and cropped by the upper camera inside; the image taken at the door bin and cropped If part of your body(hand, arm, etc.) is taken when you take in and out the items, they are processed in an unrecognizable form.

·         Purpose of Use and Analysis: Improving the service quality 1. Improvement of Object Detection Recognition Rate: Improving Recognition Rate to accurately track incoming and outgoing food 2. Improvement of Object Matching Recognition Rate: Improving recognition rate based on images when automatically organizing food lists 3. Improvement of Object Classification Recognition Rate: Enhancement of Recognition Performance of Food Name labeling (33 Types) 4. Improvement of door recognition rate: improvement of door image recognition performance.


Video and Audio Devices

·         If you connect video or audio recording devices to the Service, to provide you with our services, we may obtain content (and related information) that is captured and recorded by those devices, such as video or audio recordings, live video or audio streams, and images. In addition, for users who connect Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant to the Service, we may obtain audio content from your communications with Bixby (e.g.¸ voice commands); and

·         Privacy and video surveillance laws in your jurisdiction may apply to your use of our products and services, including but not limited to video and audio recordings made by your Service-connected devices, as well as audio content obtained through Bixby. Please ensure that you comply with applicable law when you use our products or services. For example, you may need to display a notice that alerts visitors to your home that you are using our products or services. Capturing, recording or sharing video or audio content that involves other people may affect their privacy rights.


Information We Obtain By Automated Means


·         Information about your Service-enabled devices, such as device model, OS version, device configurations and settings, IP address, device identifiers and other unique identifiers; and

·         Information about your usage of the Service, including about how, when, and for how long you use the Service, the devices that you choose to connect to the Service, and other Samsung and third-party apps and services on your devices (such as list of apps on your devices, the websites you visit, and the searches you run); .


We also may collect other information about you, your devices and apps, and your use of the Services in ways that we describe to you at the time of collection or otherwise with your consent.


Your web browser may tell you how to be notified when you receive certain types of cookies or how to restrict or disable certain types of cookies.  You can find out how to do this for your particular browser by clicking “help” on your browser’s menu or visiting  For mobile devices, you can manage how your device and browser share certain device data by adjusting the privacy and security settings on your device.  The Service is not designed to respond to “do not track” signals received from browsers.  Please note that without cookies you may not be able to use or benefit from all of the features of the Service.


Third Party Web Analytics Services


We may collect personal information about your online activities on websites and connected devices over time and across third-party websites, devices, apps and other online features and services. We may use third-party analytics services, such as Google Analytics. The information we obtain may be disclosed to or collected directly by these providers and other relevant third parties who use the information, for example, to evaluate use of the Service and to help administer the Service. To learn more about Google Analytics, please visit


Online Tracking and Interest-Based Advertising


We may collect information about your online activities to provide you with advertising about products and services tailored to your interests. You may see our ads on other websites or apps because we engage in online advertising. This allows us to target our messaging to users considering demographic data, users’ inferred interests, and browsing context. Ad technology companies track users’ online activities over time by collecting information through automated means, including through the use of cookies, web server logs, web beacons and other similar technologies. This information is used to show ads that may be tailored to individuals’ interests, to track users’ browsers or devices across multiple websites, and to build a profile of users’ online browsing activities. The information collected may include data about users’ visits to websites that participate in the online ad ecosystem, such as the pages or ads viewed and the actions taken on the websites. This data collection takes place both on and on third-party websites that participate in the online ad ecosystem. This process also helps us track the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. To learn how to opt out of interest-based advertising, please visit and


How We Use the Information We Obtain


We may use the information we obtain through the Service for the purposes outlined in the Samsung US Privacy Policy, as well as to:


·         to provide you with the Service and other integrated products and services;

·         to link your Samsung Account to connected third-party devices, apps, features or services;

·         for Samsung Visual Display users, to enable users to access to calendar service on Samsung Visual Display;

·         for users who connect video or audio recording devices to the Service (e.g., video cameras), to enable access to such recordings;

·         for users who connect to SmartThings Cooking through the Service, to provide you with Family Hub services, such as viewing recipes, and creating and managing shopping lists, as SmartThings and Family Hub are interconnected by Samsung Account;

·         to respond to your requests and inquiries;

·         to communicate with you about the Service;

·         to provide a remote management service for errors or malfunctions associated with the Samsung home appliances connected to SmartThings;

·         to provide you with notifications, content, alerts, offers, customized recommendations, promotions, marketing information, communications and advertisements in connection with the Service and other Samsung products and services; and

·         to operate, evaluate and improve our business (including developing new products and services; enhancing and improving our products and services and the Service; managing our communications; analyzing our products and services, consumer base and the Service; aggregating and anonymizing data and performing data analytics; and performing accounting, auditing and other internal functions).


Links To Other Devices, Apps and Features


The Service may provide the ability to connect to other devices, apps and features. These devices, apps and features may operate independently from us and may have their own privacy notices or policies, which we strongly suggest you review. To the extent any linked device, app or feature is not owned or controlled by us, we are not responsible for its content, any use of the device, app or feature, or the privacy practices of the operator of the device, app or feature.


Information Sharing


As stated above, this Privacy Notice supplements the Samsung US Privacy Policy (available at, which describes our information sharing practices.


Notice To California Residents

If you are a California consumer, for more information about your privacy rights, please see the California Consumer Privacy Statement, available at


Notice to Colorado, Connecticut, Utah and Virginia Residents


If you are a Colorado, Connecticut, Utah or Virginia resident, for more information about privacy rights that may be available to you subject to applicable law, please see the section of the Samsung U.S. Privacy Policy called “Your Rights and Choices,” available at


Updates to This Privacy Notice


We may update this Privacy Notice from time to time and without prior notice to you to reflect changes in our personal information practices with respect to the Service.  We will indicate at the top of this Privacy Notice when it was most recently updated.


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