SmartThings Privacy Notice

Effective Date: October 18, 2023

At Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (“Samsung”), we know how important privacy is to our customers. We created this Privacy Notice to make sure you understand how we collect and use your personal information.

Our Privacy Policy at also applies to your use of SmartThings. Our Privacy Policy contains more information about how we use your data. It also includes information about your rights and how to contact us. Please read our Privacy Policy in addition to this Privacy Notice. However, this Privacy Notice shall always prevail over the Privacy Policy in relation to how we use your information for SmartThings.


Through SmartThings, Samsung obtains and maintains information about you in various ways.

Information You Provide Directly

Information About Your Use of SmartThings

In addition to the information you provide, we will collect information about your use of our SmartThings through software on your devices and by other means. We will collect:

We will also collect information about your Smart TV and other devices you add and connect to with the SmartThings app and the SmartThings Hub, and your use of these devices, in ways that we will describe to you at the time of collection or otherwise with your separate consent.

We do not knowingly or intentionally collect any sensitive personal data from you. However, please note that we cannot guarantee that sensitive information is not unintentionally shared with us while using the SmartThings app and other Home IoT Devices, such as the content of your audio or video recordings when you connect audio or video recording devices to SmartThings. If you submit information to SmartThings that is sensitive in nature, that will also be collected and processed for the purposes listed below, however we will not use that data for marketing, to provide customised recommendations, or for the improvement of our services.

We also may collect other information about you, your devices and apps, and your use of SmartThings in ways that we describe to you at the time of collection or otherwise with your consent.


We use the information collected for the following purposes:

to protect the rights, property and/or security of Samsung Electronics, or any of our affiliates, business partners and/or customers.


We will disclose your information internally within our business and to the following entities, but only for the purposes described above.


This Privacy Notice may be updated to let you know about changes in how we collect and process your information in SmartThings or changes in related laws. The date when the document was last updated is shown at the top of this Privacy Notice.

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